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Talamona Pipes (9)

Profile Bowl (Inner)
Depth Bowl
Since 2010 the Talamona smoking pipes are made by Paolo Croci.
Pipe Talamona Freehand Accademia
Pipe Talamona Reverse Calabash
Pipe Talamona Sabbiato
Pipe Talamona Freehand Accademia
Pipe Talamona Ramo
Pipe Talamona Freehand Romana
Pipe Talamona Freehand Fossil
Pipe Talamona Classic Nature
Pipe Talamona Magma M
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Talamona Pipes

The Talamona brand has been in existence for 71 years when Cesare Talamona closed the company in 2000 because his wife died. The browner pipes were mainly equipped with 9 millimeter filters. These tobacco pipes were mainly sold in northern Italy and later in Germany.


In 2010, Paolo Croci bought the brand name and since then wants to revitalize the brand with its own line of pipes.