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Peterson Pipes (285)

Profile Bowl (Inner)
Depth Bowl
Peterson is one of the most famous pipefactory in the world. These pipes were made in Ireland.
Pipe Peterson Standard System Heritage 317
Pipe Peterson Spigot Newgrange 606
Pipe Peterson Irish Harp 80s Sand
Pipe Peterson Sherlock Holmes Baskerville Dark Smooth
Pipe Peterson Dublin Castle B65
Pipe Peterson Standard System Smooth 313
Pipe Peterson Standard System Smooth 305
Pipe Peterson Sherlock Holmes Hudson Ebony
Pipe Peterson Spigot Green 65
Pipe Peterson Spigot Natural 606
Pipe Peterson Christmas 2021 Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker Sand
Pipe Peterson Aran XL339
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Peterson Pipes

As young Latvian talented pipe maker from Riga, Charles Peterson joined Kapp in 1865. This firm was created in 1865 from two German brothers who initially emigrated to London, one of whom later opened a shop in Dublin. Around 1876, Peterson was hired to make tobacco pipes on order. After the death of both brothers, Peterson takes things for the son, who is still too young to run a business. If the son is old enough, he decides to become a doctor and Peterson takes over the shares in the company. The company is renamed Kapp & Peterson.In 1890 Peterson came with the system pipe, a great invention that is still the basis for the ever-continued success of this brand. The system pipe has a separate space in the pipe, where the moisture can collect, making the pipe cool and dry. A few years later the P-Lip, the unique Peterson mouthpiece, appears. With both the company has achieved many successes and prizes. This characterizes the company, which continues to make the same models. The heads are now being played in Italy. The finishing will take place in Ireland. Peterson is also known for the beautiful silver applications.