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Set for the Starting Pipe Smoker (31)

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A selection of ready-to-use sets for the novice pipe smoker. A set always consists of a tobacco pipe and various accessories to be able to start smoking right away. We offer a choice of various price ranges.
Starterset Pipe Jean Claude Straight Rustic
€32,99 €24,99
Pipe Molina Beginner Set Sandblast Bent
Pipe Molina Beginner Set Brown Billiard
Starterset Pipe Jean Claude Premium Set
Starterset Pipe Jean Claude Straight
Starterset Pipe Jean Claude Bent
Starterset Pipe Jean Claude Straight
Pipe Rattray's Starterset Joy 8M
Starterset Pipe Jean Claude Premium Set
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Set for the Starting Pipe Smoker

For a novice pipe smoker it is difficult to make a choice which pipe to buy. There are many options in terms of design and price. It seems important to me to start simple, because firstly pipe smoking is not easy and one learns to stop a pipe properly by gaining a lot of experience. It is therefore possible that it turns out that smoking a pipe is not pleasant at all. Starter sets are often relatively cheap and therefore ideal for the beginner.

In addition, starter sets have the advantage that it is a complete package to get started right away. The exception to this is of course pipe tobacco, which is not supplied by us. But the most essential necessities are attached to the tobacco pipe. Some examples of this are:

  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Pipefilters
  • Pipetool
  • Pipe lighter or matches
  • Pipe bag

Of course, not every beginner set is the same and the composition may differ. Such a set is suitable to give as a gift without having any further knowledge of smoking. There are also sets that come already in a gift box, ideal for a birthday or a Christmas gift.

There are several brands that have a starter set in their range. We have tried to select a varied offer.