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Butz-Choquin Pipes (5)

Profile Bowl (Inner)
Depth Bowl
French pipes with some surprising finishes.
Pipe Butz-Choquin Supermate 1775
€107,99 €86,99
Pipe Butz-Choquin Millesime 2022 Grey
Pipe Butz-Choquin Formula 4771
€64,99 €51,99
Pipe Butz-Choquin Reptile Red 1601
Pipe Butz-Choquin Reptile Yellow 1601
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Butz-Choquin Pipes

In 1858, tobacco merchant Jean-Baptiste Choquin produced his first pipe in collaboration with his son-in-law Gustave Butz. This was partially made of an albatross bone and decorated with silver rings. In 1858 their pipe factory was founded in Metz, named Butz-Choquin.
In 1951 the brand name was taken over by Berrod-Regad, which moved the production to the famous French pipe town of Saint-Claud. They breathed new life into the brand and the pipes were also exported worldwide. The name BC got more shine and grew in a few years from 10 to 70 series. Since 2002, many new models and variants have been brought to market under the management of Fabien Guichon.

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