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Gabriele Pipes (3)

Profile Bowl (Inner)
Depth Bowl
Italian pipe maker who makes about 60 to 80 tobacco pipes a year.
Pipe Gabriele Turtle
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Pipe Gabriele Nautilus
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Pipe Gabriele Turtle
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Gabriele Pipes

Gabriele dal Fiume was intrigued by smoking at a young age. Soon he started collecting various pipes, from classic to freehand models. He read books, visited museums and workshops that had to do with pipe smoking. At a certain moment he wanted to make his own pipe himself. He liked this so much, that he was also going to make tobacco pipes for others. At the moment about 60 to 80 pipes come from his hand every year.He works with good briar and the finishes are very diverse, depending on his feeling and mood. He likes to be inspired by swimming fish and the movements of the sea. The mouthpieces are made of ebonite or cumberland.

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