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Erik Nording Pipes (23)

Profile Bowl (Inner)
Depth Bowl
Danish pipe maker who makes good quality and beautiful pipes.
Pipe Nording Valhalla Spigot 502
€122,99 €98,99
Pipe Nording Valhalla Spigot 606
€161,99 €129,99
Pipe Nording Cut 4 Freehand
€239,99 €191,99
Pipe Nording Nose Warmer #3
€239,99 €191,99
Pipe Nording Hunting Serie 2021 Ruffed Grouse Rustic
Pipe Nording Cut 2 Freehand
€189,99 €151,99
Pipe Nording Freehand Signature Smooth
Pipe Nording Hunting Serie 2012 Ram
€234,99 €187,99
Pipe Nording Hold Em King
Pipe Nording Nose Warmer #1
Pipe Nording Hold Em King
Pipe Nording Hand Made Group 14
€281,99 €225,99
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Erik Nording Pipes

Erik Nording started working as a smith in his father's factory at a very young age. His father died when Nording was 16 years old, he was destined to take over the factory. But his mother demanded that he would get his degree as an engineer. The pipe was taught him early by his father and his passion for smoking was enormous. A shopkeeper, Skovbo, in Copenhagen wanted to make his own pipes. He proposed, because Nording had the knowledge that he would make the machines for him. Nording wanted to do this so that he would earn something extra during his studies. In retrospect, it turned out that Skovbo did not have the financial resources to pay him. They decided to make pipes together under the name Son. The first pipes were fine to smoke, but aesthetically it was not great. Nording had no more intersse in his father's factory, he preferred to make pipes. After a number of years, Skovbo no longer wanted to cooperate and Nording bought it out. From then on the pipes were made under his own name. Since then, his creations have become better and more beautiful. He developed machines to run larger productions. The finish was of course done by hand. His pipes are very popular throughout the world. Nording is very creative and active throughout his life, so he also produced knives and barbecues. I think the nicer pipe is his annual pipes, also called the hunting series. As an avid hunter he makes a pipe every year in the shape of an animal. It is just as good looking, but it can be traced with the help of the provided sketches.

Sold Erik Nording pipes

Sold Erik Nording Pipes