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Pipeshop Points

For several years you can save points at Haddockspipeshop, these points can be exchanged for a discount code, so you can buy a new purchase more cheaply.

Since August 14, 2019 we have had to switch to another software supplier for loyalty points. You have not lost your old points, these have been transferred to you and are visible again when you log in.

How do I save Pipeshop Points?

  • Create an account and place an order.
  • You receive 5 loyalty points for every euro you spend.

How much are my loyalty points worth?

  • If you want to trade in Pipeshop Points, you get 1 eurocent for 1 point. For example: you have 673 points and want to trade them in, you will receive a discount code worth € 6.73.
  • It is no longer as before that you have to wait that you have 1000, 2000 or 3000 Pipeshop Points.
  • Pipeshoppoints have no expiration date.

There are some rules

  • You only receive loyalty points if you create an account.
  • You can exchange up to 5000 points for a discount code.
  • You can only use 1 discount code per order.
  • If you have exchanged loyalty points, the discount code is valid for one year from that day.
  • No points are provided for shipping costs.
  • The points are credited when the order is fully paid.
  • Once points are redeemed, they cannot be reset.

Furthermore, the system works very simply by clicking the Loyalty button in the lower left. Everything is self-explanatory.