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Ascorti Pipes (13)

Profile Bowl (Inner)
Depth Bowl
The pipes of Ascorti are pipes of genuine Italian craftsmanship.
Pipe Ascorti Nus Silver Ring
Pipe Ascorti Cool Business
Pipe Ascorti Sabbia Oro
Pipe Ascorti Natural
Pipe Ascorti Nera Silver Ring
Pipe Ascorti Sabbia Oro Silver Ring
Pipe Ascorti Sabbia Oro Silver Spigot
Pipe Ascorti Cool Nus
Pipe Ascorti Cool Sabbia Oro
Pipe Ascorti Sabbia Oro Silver Ring
Pipe Ascorti Nus
Pipe Ascorti Nus
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Ascorti Pipes

At a very young age, Roberto Ascorti became acquainted with making pipes, his father, Guisseppe, also known as Peppino, worked at the former Caminetto. After completing the art academy and learning the trade from his father, he started his own workshop in the late 1970s. In the beginning he had help from his father, brother and wife Sylvana. His wife still assists him. His pipes still show North-Italian craftsmanship after all these years, but do have a modern and sometimes innovative jacket. His pipe very popular, because of the excellent quality.