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Design Berlin Pipes (50)

Profile Bowl (Inner)
Depth Bowl
German pipes for a very nice price.
Pipe Design Berlin Holger Danske 15
Pipe Design Berlin Toscana 106
Pipe Design Berlin Freehand Model 11
Pipe Design Berlin Hunting Serie Oak
Pipe Design Berlin Weimar 304
Pipe Design Berlin Torino 106
Pipe Design Berlin Bellini 209
Pipe Design Berlin Toscana 210
Pipe Design Berlin Style 04
Pipe Design Berlin Freehand Model 13
Pipe Design Berlin Freehand Model 12
Pipe Design Berlin Bellini 210
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Design Berlin Pipes

Design Berlin originated just after the Second World War in the former East German Thuringia. Hubert Hartmann repaired pipes, and in 1948 he started with the company Pfeifenstudio Hartmann. In the beginning only simple cheap pipes with nylon mouthpiece were made. Mostly ordinary smoked tobacco was smoked. When in 1954 Lothar Schirwitz, a pipe maker and designer, was recruited, a development started. Separate models with Danish influences were made. Under his leadership, the Design Berlin brand was introduced in 1975 to underline the quality and appearance of the pipes. In the early eighties the company was taken over by Planta Tabak-Manufaktur. In the nineties they also acquired the company VEB Pfeifen und Holzerzeugnisse Bad Liebenstein (Howal) from Schweina. Nowadays production also takes place here.