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Amorelli Pipes (14)

Profile Bowl (Inner)
Depth Bowl
Amorelli pipes from Sicily are known for their craftsmanship, unique design and their perfect quality.
Pipe Amorelli **
Pipe Amorelli Old Root
Pipe Amorelli ***
Pipe Amorelli *** Dandy
Pipe Amorelli Frac Wriggle
Pipe Amorelli * Frac
Pipe Amorelli ***
Pipe Amorelli **** Frac
Pipe Amorelli Gibellina
Pipe Amorelli ** Frac
Pipe Amorelli *** Frac
Pipe Amorelli Frac
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Amorelli Pipes

Amorelli's tobacco pipes are made on the Italian island of Sicily. The company only uses briar from Sicily. This bruyere is known for its excellent quality, the maritime climate ensures beautiful grains and a correct taste of the wood. The blocks are cut exclusively from shrubs that have been growing on the island for decades.

After treatment, the blocks are stored for a minimum of 5 years for perfect maturation. Each block is extensively studied to cut the tobacco pipe in the right way, so that the natural grains come into their own.

Time and again new shapes are sought in order to arrive at a unique and exclusive pipe. The pipes of Amorelli are recognizable by the gold block that runs over in the stem to the mouthpiece.

Sold Amorelli Smoking Pipes

Sold Amorelli Pipes