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Hydro Stone
Hydro stone for keeping your tobacco fresh.
Savinelli Pip Spray
Pipe spray is a mixture of solvents suitable to dissolve all substance that forms smoking tobacco. C...
Senior Pipe-Reamer
Full metal pipe reamer with drill, good quality!
Rubber Pipe Bit
Pipe smokers who hold the pipe between their teeth can use these rubber bits to protect the mouthpie...
Set of 2 Humydrole
You can use this humydrole to keep your tobacco from drying out. Put the humydrole a few minutes in ...
Savi Clean
Savi Clean contains one 50ml bottle of sanitizing liquid and specific cleaners for the bowl and for ...
Savinelli Stem Polish
Met deze crème poetst u uw eboniet mondstuk weer op tot een mooi glanzend exemplaar.
Deniclean Cleaning Liquid
Dip your pipecleaner into deniclean, run it through the mouthpiece of your pipe.
Savinelli Magic Cloth
The "Magic Cloth" consists of two pieces of pure cotton. The blue coloured piece works as a cleaner,...
Pipe Reamer Set
Great reamer set with 4 different knives.
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