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Pijp Luigi Viprati *
This is a brand new pipe made by Luigi Viprati in Italy. Beautiful hand made smooth brown briar pipe...
€149,99 €104,99
Pijp Savinelli Marron Glace Rustic 636
Italian pipe in a beautiful brown colour made by Savinelli. Marron Glace is an italian dessert made ...
€106,99 €77,99
Pijp Peterson Rock of Cashel 407
Beautiful Irish, sandblasted briar pipe with a sterling silver mount. Acrylic yellow fishtail mouthp...
€139,99 €104,99
Pijp Hilson Vintage Special Grain 428
Beautiful briar pipe made by Gubbels in the Netherlands with original vintage briar from the former ...
€88,99 €66,99
Pijp Stanwell Flame Grain
Smooth polished briar pipe with beautiful colours and grains made for Stanwell in Danish design. Acr...
€197,99 €138,99
Pijp Mastro Geppetto Liscia 3
This is a brand new pipe made by Mastro Geppetto in Italy.
€229,99 €161,99
Pijp Eriksen Shorty Black
This pipe is a creation of Erik Nording. The bowl is made of ceramic. Hard nylon mouthpiece and shan...
Pijp Mastro de Paja 0B
Briar pipe handmade by Mastro de Paja in Italy. This pipe is beautifully rusticated and has an acryl...
€149,99 €104,99
Pijp Winslow Crown 300
This is a brand new pipe made by Poul Winslow in Denmark. Made of Briar hand selected personally by ...
€154,99 €108,99
Pijp Roger Wallenstein Blue
Beautiful briar pipe made by Roger Wallenstein. This German lawyer loves in Ireland and makes very s...
€364,99 €255,99
Pijp Savinelli Lancelot Rustic 128
Italian pipe, beautiful rusticated with a lovely knight application made by Savinelli. Acrylic black...
€122,99 €86,99
Pijp Savinelli Freehand Linea Artisan
Smooth Italian pipe made by Savinelli. Acrylic Mouthpiece. This pipe is made of high quality briar. ...
€234,99 €164,99
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