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Pijp Ashton Pebble Grain XXX
This is a brand new handmade pipe made by Ashton in England.
€249,99 €175,99
Pijp Chacom Vincennes 106 Smooth
Beautiful small briar pipe with a silver coloured band made in France by Chacom. Black acrylic mouth...
€86,99 €65,99
Pijp Savinelli Lancelot Rustic 128
Italian pipe, beautiful rusticated with a lovely knight application made by Savinelli. Acrylic black...
€122,99 €86,99
Pijp Stanwell Royal Guard 13
Smooth brown briar pipe in the famous Stanwell shape made by Stanwell. Acrylic mouthpiece, 9 mm. fil...
Pijp Brebbia Crystal Walnut 1001
Smooth briar pipe made by Brebbia in Italy. Acrylic transparant mouthpiece. 9 mm. filter or without ...
€69,99 €55,99
Pijp Ropp Spigot 10102
Beautiful red/brown briar pipe made in France by Ropp. Black acrylic mouthpiece. 9 mm. filter.

€75,99 €54,99
Pijp Rattray's Starterset Joy 8M
Smooth briar pipe with a meerschaum inlay for a cooler smoke, made for Charles Rattray's, acrylic mo...
Pijp Savinelli Punto Oro 111
Italian beautiful smooth pipe made by Savinelli. Acrylic mouthpiece. This pipe is made of high qual...
€298,99 €209,99
Pijp Stanwell de Luxe 03
Smooth briar pipe in a typical Stanwell shape made by Stanwell. Ebonite mouthpiece, without filter. ...
Pijp Stanwell Silkebrun 13
Smooth brown briar pipe in a matte finish made by Stanwell. Acrylic mouthpiece, 9 mm. filter.
Pijp Butz-Choquin Ring Grain
Perfectly sandblasted briar pipe made by Butz-Choquin in France, that is why this special pipe has t...
Pijp Big Ben Bruyere DeLuxe 529
Matte briar pipe made by Gubbels for Big Ben in the Netherlands. It has an acrylic mouthpiece. Witho...
€89,99 €67,99
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