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Reviews voor Hilson Pijpen

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FUMIO I. 09-12-2020 10:04

It is a pipe with a very nice design!
Thanks for adding filters, cleaners and pipe rests to the catalog!
It's hard to get infected with coronavirus, but I would like to enjoy smoking slowly at home with this pipe.

Smoking Pipe Hilson Designed by Rainer Barbi Darkred X

Johannes L. 22-06-2020 16:43

I am impressed at the quality of this little pipe, because I've seen lesser pipes for sale at higher prices. This light-weight looks beautiful with its outstanding grain, and it smokes perfectly. Despite of the small size it holds a good quantity of tobacco, medium volume I guess, and I really love the long stem, that provides a smooth and cool flow of smoke.
Smoking Pipe Hilson Vintage Special Grain 493

Philip Johnson 25-01-2020 22:14

This is a very nice pipe but, it appears to have a fissure in the shank. Please refer to your pictures.

Smoking Pipe Hilson Designed by Rainer Barbi Walnut IX

bob v. 18-09-2018 18:49

Valt tegen wat aan de iele kant

Gerard K. 08-09-2018 10:38

Deze Hilson is een goede pijp, hij is groot maar dat is ook de bedoeling. Het is een goed alternatief naast de Big Ben.

David A. 01-05-2018 00:02

Heel mooie pijp. Knap ontwerp!! Heel tevreden over de levering ook.

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