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Reviews for Hilson Pipes

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F. L. 02-03-2021 18:58

Een prachtige pijp! Stoer en elegant van vorm. Ligt heerlijk in de hand. Schitterend hout, subliem afgewerkt. Daar wil je voor thuiskomen.

Smoking Pipe Hilson Designed by Rainer Barbi Black XI

FUMIO I. 09-12-2020 10:04

It is a pipe with a very nice design!
Thanks for adding filters, cleaners and pipe rests to the catalog!
It's hard to get infected with coronavirus, but I would like to enjoy smoking slowly at home with this pipe.

Smoking Pipe Hilson Designed by Rainer Barbi Darkred X

Johannes L. 22-06-2020 16:43

I am impressed at the quality of this little pipe, because I've seen lesser pipes for sale at higher prices. This light-weight looks beautiful with its outstanding grain, and it smokes perfectly. Despite of the small size it holds a good quantity of tobacco, medium volume I guess, and I really love the long stem, that provides a smooth and cool flow of smoke.
Smoking Pipe Hilson Vintage Special Grain 493

Philip Johnson 25-01-2020 22:14

This is a very nice pipe but, it appears to have a fissure in the shank. Please refer to your pictures.

Smoking Pipe Hilson Designed by Rainer Barbi Walnut IX

bob v. 18-09-2018 18:49

Valt tegen wat aan de iele kant

Gerard K. 08-09-2018 10:38

Deze Hilson is een goede pijp, hij is groot maar dat is ook de bedoeling. Het is een goed alternatief naast de Big Ben.

David A. 01-05-2018 00:02

Heel mooie pijp. Knap ontwerp!! Heel tevreden over de levering ook.

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