Sold Pipe Ser Jacopo L1 Opus

Sold Pipe Ser Jacopo L1 Opus

This pipe has been sold and is not available anymore. But it is waste not showing it anymore.

This is a brand new pipe made by Ser Jacopo in Italy. This company has some fine craftsmen, which produce beautiful handmade pipes with great designs and shapes. This smooth briar pipe has beautiful sterling silver ring. Acrylic mouthpiece, 9 mm. filter.


  1. Haddocks Haddocks

    This pipe has been replaced, here a copy of a review:

    Comment given R. on
    14 September 2017 at 08:35

    What can a pipe smoker wish himself more than a SER JACOPO L1 Opus, as a closure of his pipe collection? This pipe is artwork, a jewel, hand made by a master pipe maker.
    The dark reddisch brown bowl, the silver artistic ring, the classic black mouthpiece connected by the typical smooth Ser Jacopo line give this pipe a perfect harmonious balance. I can go on.., but now I have to smoke this beauty!

    I also want to say a big thanks to Paul for his excellent service.
    Haddocks, highly recommended!

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